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Maybe it won’t be cold, wet, windy, snowy, this winter. Maybe it will be really mild and we can wear trainers all year around! But also, maybe, it might precipitate like it never has before, and you will be congratulating yourself you had the foresight to invest in a pair of Vegetarian Shoes brand Duck boots! We are quite excited about these boots. They have taken a while to develop. The factory we use in Italy, that makes our super popular Snowdon boots and Veggie Trekkers is now making these for us too. One piece moulded sole and upper means 100% water proof up to the first rows of triple-stitching and extremely water resistant from there on up. Insulated throughout for warmth and moisture-absorption, these boots also have a water-resistant and breathable membrane lining. Combined with a ‘bellows-style’ tongue for extra protection, and easy eyelet lacing, these might just be the ultimate winter foot-attire. Moulded toe and heel bumpers and broad, large surface-area lugged-soles complete the intrepid features we think you will love during the winter. Stitching and uppers can be proofed with dubbin or other regular shoe-care products. Sizing is standard and can accommodate a good thickness pair of socks, or two thinner pairs. Approx. 23cm (9 inches) tall overall. Heel approx. 4cm (1.5 inches). Made in the European Community.

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